Willpower is a Limited Resource

How many times do we say or hear “Oh, if I (he/she/they) only had a little willpower, then I (he/she/they) wouldn’t be so…”?

There is certainly truth to the importance of willpower and the idea that it is a muscle to be strengthened.

Willpower is also a limited resource. I repeat, willpower is a limited resource (see link above). We can only talk ourselves out of the donuts in the break room so many times, and then we cave.

In addition to building your willpower muscle, why not create an environment in our lives that we don’t need our willpower to make healthy choices all day long. Instead, why don't we build our home, work, and even social environments for success?

Some examples: don’t be the person at work with a candy dish (or ask the person who is to hide it form plain view); don’t go to the store hungry so you don’t come home with junk that tempts you before bed; make a decision to take a walk with a glass of water when you feel pressure to join friends to get a snack at the vending machine or café at work.

Let’s use our limited resource wisely.