What I Learned Yesterday - Non-Nutrition Book Reviews + A Podcast

I'm a bit of a podcast nut. Beyond Serial, though, a Chiropractor friend recommended Tim Ferriss's podcast. I have to say, he's a little meat-heady, but he's a Princeton graduate, so super smart, and his podcast/show is fascinating because he gets interesting interviews that span health & fitness, pop culture, charitable giving, and one of my recent favorites Derek Sivers who - among other things - founded "CD Baby" (one of the first, if not the first) online music sales websites in the late 90s. Anyway, Derek's recent interests have included reading, reviewing and rating books, and WILY is that he helps you decide whether a book is worth the 30-40 hours of reading time to invest. I know it's not a nutrition-related topic... 


Also, check out Tim Ferriss's podcasts